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TCM Electronics - Printed Circuit Board Assembly Adelaide South Australia

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procurement and contract manufacturing

Customer Commitment Charter

TCM’s Customer Charter is another example of how we are unique in the procurement and contract manufacturing business. Please read more

TCM Electronics quality Electronic Manufacturing

Quality Systems

The TCM quality system is supported by a solid foundation. More importantly, our quality system is our system that we use every day to run our business. Please read more

Contract Manufacturing, Full Turn Key

Specialised Equipment

As TCM continues to move to the forefront of Contract Manufacturing, the past few years have seen the introduction of new equipment into our operations. Please read more

TCM Electronics - LIVE order status reports

Live Order Status Reporting

TCM Electronics is now able to provide our customers with LIVE order status reports through our web based ‘drop box’. Please read more

Entech Electronics, Finetech, Hetech, Startronics, SRX, Duet

Trade Show Exhibitions

TCM has been traveling extensively throughout Australia and overseas visiting our valued clients and many new potential customers the past 12 months. Please read more

TCM Electronics - once common stock lines or MOQ’s

Excess / Non Utilised Stock

Over our 22 year history we have built up a substantial range of specialised electronic components. Please read more

TCM Electronics Precision Electronics

TCM Brochures & Newsletters

Download the latest brochures and eNewsletters from TCM Electronics. Please read more

TCM Electronics - Australian Red Cross


TCM is a proud sponsor of the Australian Red Cross. If you or one of your loved ones have ever needed blood, you already know how important it is. Please read more

TCM Electronics - Quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Adelaide South Australia

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