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Co-ordinating your production requirements

TCM enables OEMs to outsource with confidence. This means you can reduce costs, focus on key issues and have manufacturing capacity on call to meet varying production demands. Also, you can maintain a level of involvement which suits your company’s needs.


In summary there are four critical things that TCM will do for your company:


  • Provide consistent on-time delivery of correct products
  • Drastically reduce your total real costs of procurement and production
  • Enable your valuable staff to focus on your core business functions
  • Provide an unparalleled level of manufacturing quality


Our focus on quality

We achieve our goals by having a comprehensive but workable quality system accredited to ISO9001. Our system is comprised of four separate manuals with each having a specific purpose:


  • Our Quality manual addresses the scope of the ISO9001 standard.
  • Our Work Instructions manual details every operation we do, step by step.
  • Our Training manual lists our unique industry knowledge, built up over many years, which we can then pass onto new employees.
  • Our Basic Electronics Training Accreditation (BETA) provides detailed component knowledge training for all employees.


Our quality system is 'under pinned' by our ‘Customer Charter’ and '23 point Commitments Document. This document spells out what customers can expect time and time again. These commitments are embedded into our quality system.


What is the real cost of purchasing?

When calculating the total real cost of purchasing in manufacturing there are four distinct areas:


  • The price of the component or assembly
  • The accountable costs of purchasing, i.e. raising orders through to accounts payment
  • The cost of key staff distracted on non- core business functions
  • The cost of not meeting or missing out on your customers orders


The ‘price’ part of the cost equation is only relevant if the supplier delivers the correct product at the correct time. If the supplier delivers the wrong part at the wrong time, the price then becomes irrelevant! Also, the cost of staff distracted from core activities and also not meeting your production deadlines are so valuable that you can’t put a price on them. In summary then, TCM will drastically reduce your accountable costs of purchasing, obtain consistently competitive material pricing, enable your staff to get on with their most valuable tasks and most importantly, minimise the production deadline risks.

At TCM we realise that 99% of the components won’t get your product going! We take the responsibility of finding alternative sources or parts when normal supply channels are out of stock.


The real cost of purchasing can mean that the cheapest part can actually become the most expensive part – if it doesn’t arrive in time.

TCM Electronics - Quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Adelaide South Australia

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