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TCM Electronics - Printed Circuit Board Assembly Adelaide South Australia

TCM Electronics is proud to release this 5 minute movie giving a tour through our premises showing our team and processes involved with Electronic Manufacturing.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

Component Procurement Adelaide South Australia

We offer full procurement management with high quality assembly and testing to customer specifications.

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Our Team

We find out what level of out-sourcing 'suits' you and offer ways to tailor fit our scheduling alternatives to fit your market.

Quality Electronic Contract Manufacturing, PCBA,  Adelaide South Australia

Our focus on quality

We have an unbeatable track record in manufacturing quality, on-time delivery, communication and attention to detail.

TCM Electronics commenced business in 1992 with one goal – to provide the best value for money contract manufacturing service for ‘high tech’ OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).


In the early nineties, as the outsourcing trend was taking off, companies were finding that the reduced overheads were coming at a much greater cost. They were losing control of their own manufacturing processes and were suffering  missed production deadlines and serious quality issues. TCM commenced business to offer OEMs a solution to these problems.


TCM Electronics sets itself apart in the contract manufacturing industry with its philosophy on the value of procurement. Procurement is the ‘critical path’ in manufacturing. With long component lead-times and product ‘time to market’ crucial, procurement must be carried out correctly the day the production order is given. It must then be closely managed until completion. Procurement can’t be treated as an ‘added extra’ by the contract manufacturer – it must form the core of the service. This strong procurement foundation must then be coupled to a quality obsessed production team that operate within a well-defined quality system.



Procurement is the ‘critical path’ in manufacturing,

don’t risk your production on unproven sources!

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Adelaide South Australia
Electronic Components Adelaide South Australia
Electronic Manufacturing Adelaide South Australia
Electronic Contract Manufacturing Adelaide South Australia
TCM Electronics - Quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Adelaide South Australia

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